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Core Competence

Here at Viklar Technologies Limited, we believe that there is an increasing demand for mobile access to live media and information on the move. Our goal is to connect mobile users to the satellite, communications, and Internet services they wish to use while on the go.

Quality Statement

VIKLAR TECHNOLOGIES is committed to working with our customers to determine their requirements and define how these needs can best be met and when the job is to be completed. Quality is the measure of how well these requirements are met in a timely manner.


VIKLAR has made a strong commitment to provide a safe work place for its employees and to educate its employees through regular safety meetings. VIKLAR has maintained a good safety record throughout the petrochemical and oilfield industries and has received safety awards for its efforts.

Technical TeamOur most important asset is our technicians. They are factory trained and certified on a wide variety of equipment. The technicians have an average of 20 years experience including offshore and overseas work and are the finest team in Nigeria.


The GP-32 is an advanced GPS navigator with a WAAS receiver designed for coastal ships, fishing boats and pleasure craft. The powerful processor performs high-speed processing of position fixing and augmentation using WAAS correction. It comes with an easy to use track plotter which stores up to 1,000 track points. This compact and cost-effective unit

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SAILOR Sc4000 Iridium

The SAILOR SC4000 Iridium is a satellite phone system for all sizes and types of vessel. Using the established Iridium network, SAILOR SC4000 Iridium offers Low-cost airtime and is built for the maritime environment. Full satellite coverage One global rate Seamless global telephone Individual user billing On board telephone box – simple to install in

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Thuraya XT-Dual

DUALOne SIM, one number and one phone to travel the world. The Thuraya XT-DUAL is a combination of a GSM and satellite phone that comes with splash water and dust protection and is shock proof.The dual mode capability is designed for those who travel the world and need a network connection wherever they go. It

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Fleetbroadband uses the Inmarsat network to provide onboard users with broadband data of up to 100kbps, 432/432kbps, voice, ISDN data and text messaging services across the global. As an Inmarsat support partner via AST Connections, AST Distibutions, and a Cobham equipment distributor provides a range of flexible airtime and hardware packages, tailored to suit the

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