Fleetbroadband uses the Inmarsat network to provide onboard users with broadband data of
up to 100kbps, 432/432kbps, voice, ISDN data and text messaging services across the global. As an Inmarsat support partner via AST Connections, AST Distibutions, and a Cobham equipment distributor provides a range of flexible airtime and hardware packages, tailored to suit the vessel’s operational and crew welfare needs across all shipping routes. Our dedicated team of engineers can also provide a range of integration and support services to provide a secure link to your head office network as well as ensure that the crew stay connected to friends and family.
Fleetbroandband is also set up with a free customer service support number ensuring direct access to our Support Desk. The key benefits of Fleetbroadband include:
Simultaneous voice and data
Contended and dedicated IP data on demand
Quality voice services
Compact & lightweight equipment
Easy to install