The GP-32 is an advanced GPS navigator with a WAAS receiver designed for coastal ships, fishing boats and pleasure craft. The powerful processor performs high-speed processing of position fixing and augmentation using WAAS correction. It comes with an easy to use track plotter which stores up to 1,000 track points.
This compact and cost-effective unit offers extremely accurate position fixes. It is accurate to 10 meters, and with WAAS mode activated, it’s accurate to within 3 meters. The display modes include Plotter, Nav Data, Steering, Highway, Speedometer and two customizable mode. The Steering mode provides an intuitive indication of course to steer and crosstrack- error (XTE). The Highway mode is useful when you are heading for your fishing ground or following a series of waypoints along a planned route.
The user-friendly design permits easy and straightforward operation with minimum key strokes. The system has various alarm functions to warn of arrival to or departure from a predefined area (arrival/anchor watch), XTE exceeding a preset limit, Alarm Clock and more.