About Us

At Viklar Technologies Limited we provide the smartest, best engineered and most robust connectivity solutions linking anyone to anything, wherever in the world our customers’ needs dictate, no matter how remote, hazardous or challenging.

Our people simply are the best. They treat our customers with the utmost care and respect, guiding them through the most difficult maze with brainpower, experience and, most importantly, the outright zeal to master our customers’ most challenging connectivity issues with ingenuity and passion. 

We are bound only by the mission of addressing our customers’ most vital needs in a way uniquely suited to them

  • Tenacity:  We are persistent, passionate and dedicated to providing the smartest, most robust connectivity. We recognize that communications networks and capabilities are vital to our customers’ organizations. Our robust designs ensure our customers’ business operations are continuous and have the ability to connect anyone to anything, anywhere.
  • Expertise:  Viklar’s Engineers/Technicians are experts in designing communication solutions. We do this by listening to our customers and aligning our internal experts to provide options and solutions that are compatible with our customers’ mission critical needs both now and in the future.
  • Adaptability:  We are constantly adapting to changing technologies and trends in order to stay current and find better ways of developing solutions that meet our customers’ changing communication environments.
  • Moral:  Integrity and adherence to ethical standards guide our actions. We treat our fellow employees, our customers, our vendors and all our partners with respect and dignity.
  • Worldwide:  No matter how far the distance or how treacherous the terrain, our global network supports worldwide communications to all our customers.
  • Ownership:  Our people take ownership and are accountable to their commitments. We are “can do” people who own our commitments utilizing state-of-the-art innovation to solve the most complicated communication challenges.
  • Relationships:  Building long-term relationships is the foundation of our business. Our employees and customers are our most important assets; it all begins and ends with them.
  • Knowledge:  Viklar Technologies Ltd is pride with knowledge and experience in communications and that is what makes us the best partner for our customers. We have subject-matter-expert engineering knowledge and capabilities that are simply the best.


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